Strength, vulnerability, honesty...With Middle Eastern influence and dark, driving tones, her music whirled me away into an emotional soundscape...Hanna is not one to shy away from controversial topics nor daring changes in melody and rhythm. Her debut album, Siren, produced by John Moyer, bassist of Disturbed, showcases her exceptional songwriting and storytelling abilities. Much of the album is colored with traditional Middle Eastern instruments like the oud, which complement the staples of modern rock that underpin the LP: drums, guitar, and bass...The inspiration behind the title track of Barakat’s album, “Siren," is one that has evolved with time. Initially, Hanna explained, it served as a stance towards individuals in her life and the need to express her will and ambitions. With time it would grow into an empowering song that represents claiming her life as one that she is destined to determine. ”

Euphoria ATX - Madison Williams



When trying to describe an artist like Hanna Barakat, her voice and talent are such a given that it frees the listener to embrace the musical journey she takes you on. She is not afraid to step out of the box from song to song while still following her vision of song-oriented rock layered in a luscious soundscape of melodic instrumentation and vocals. There is a message, emotion, and uniqueness within each song that transcends trends while still embracing the familiar.”

John Moyer - Disturbed

Drama packed, explosive track...“Leave Your Light On” brings a greater meaning, a steady tambourine beat and Barakat’s ever changing vocals. In this track, the young artist makes it known that when it comes to relationships, settling is not an option.”

Danielle Schmid - Audible Addixion

An amalgam of genres and vocal style, Barakat isn’t afraid to go where she thinks the music should take her.”

Laura Whitmore - Parade Magazine

From whispery to powerhouse, Barakat exhibits vocal prowess, holding the song selection together with skilled delivery. Pop influences poke through with songs like “Let Go” and “Leave Your Light On.” Middle Eastern musings set the stage for “Cycle.” The masterfully intricate vocal elements on the final track “Wanting to Go Home” are delicious. All are underlined by a hard rock and metal sensibility.”

Laura Whitmore - Parade Magazine


Blending active rock, metal, and her considerable World music influences, Hanna has a voice and style that demands your attention”

Ghost Cult Magazine