Hanna Barakat Takes Us on a Genre Bending Journey With Siren-and We're Here for It

Austin-based hard rock artist Hanna Barakat debuts her new album, Siren, on August 16, but lucky for us, we can hear it right now! In it she deftly weaves hard rock energy with Middle Eastern scales and vocal acrobatics. An amalgam of genres and vocal style, Barakat isn't afraid to go where she thinks the [...]

An amalgam of genres and vocal style, Barakat isn’t afraid to go where she thinks the music should take her.”

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Austin360 On The Record: Particle Kid, Hanna Barakat, Hickoids

LOCAL RELATEDParticle Kid, "Window Rock" (Oar). Micah Nelson chose this alias for his music after mis-hearing his father Willie referring to him as the "prodigal kid." It seems fitting, as musically Micah is the one who's definitely strayed furthest afield from the family's deep roots in country and Americana.

Hanna Barakat, “Siren.” A native Texan born to an American mother and a Lebanese father, Barakat’s passion for Arabic music and culture led her to spend time in Beirut after graduating from Boston’s esteemed Berklee College of Music. “Siren,” her debut album, incorporates some of those influences into music that’s grounded in 1980s/1990s hard rock. With a powerful voice that’s placed front and center by producer John Moyer (bassist for the Disturbed), Barakat goes for big drama here, an intriguing contrast to the 21st-century indie sounds more commonly found in Austin’s primary rock venues.”

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From whispery to powerhouse, Barakat exhibits vocal prowess, holding the song selection together with skilled delivery. Pop influences poke through with songs like “Let Go” and “Leave Your Light On.” Middle Eastern musings set the stage for “Cycle.” The masterfully intricate vocal elements on the final track “Wanting to Go Home” are delicious. All are underlined by a hard rock and metal sensibility.”

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Artist Spotlight: Hanna Barakat

TODO Austin: Please tell us about your background and family history; your upbringing and how you fell into a music path I have to say, my upbringing was most definitely unconventional. My mother is from Oklahoma and my father is from Lebanon. I happened to be born in Dallas, TX.

An Interview With the Austin-Based Alternative Artist, HANNA BARAKAT!

About the Author Leah Brungardt (recently married) joined All Access Music Group in August 2011 and has been enjoying getting to know a new side of the music industry ever since. Having worked to promote radio stations in the past, seeing what makes a successful radio hit has been a thrill.

Hanna Barakat, has one hell of a set of lungs on her and she knows how to use them... Barakat’s vocals on “Wildfire” are stunning and showcase her incredible range and control. Laid over the heavy guitar riffs, Barakat sounds both enchanting and terrifying. This seems to be the point she is trying to convey, as she discussed her album being a mix of the seductiveness of “mythical sirens of the sea…[with] the double meaning [of] an actual siren, warning call, alarm!””

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Hanna Barakat delivers "Wildfire"

Austin, Texas local, Hanna Barakat, has one hell of a set of lungs on her and she knows how to use them. Barakat is premiering "Wildfire" from her new album " Siren," produced by John Moyer (Disturbed). Barakat's vocals on "Wildfire" are stunning and showcase her incredible range and control.

Vocal Powerhouse Hanna Barakat Discusses Her New Record "Siren"

One listens to Berklee grad vocalist Hanna Barakat and you can tell quickly she has an immense set of pipes on her. With her new record out that was produced by Disturbed Bassist John Moyer, we spoke to Hanna to get some background on her When did you start singing?

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Strength, vulnerability,honesty: these are some of the words that come to my mind when I hear the voice of Hanna Barakat. With Middle Eastern influence and dark, driving tones, her music whirled me away into an emotional soundscape. Hanna is not one to shy away from controversial topics nor daring changes in melody and rhythm.


EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Hanna Barakat - "Siren" | Ghost Cult Magazine

Ghost Cult is stoked to bring you the new single from Hanna Barakat, 'Siren', from her forthcoming new album. Blending active rock, metal, and her considerable World music influences, Hanna has a voice and style that demands your attention.


After graduating from Berklee on 2010, quite literally the day after my graduation ceremony, I was given the opportunity to headline at the Boston House of Blues main stage. That experience was my first true "gig" after being a student for the majority of my life.

Hard Rock's Hanna Barakat Unveils Siren Preview, "Leave Your Light On"

After capturing our attention with her recent release, "Wildfire". Hard Rock sensation Hanna Barakat returns with the announcement of her highly-anticipated album with a highly-anticipated preview in a new song. Her new album, Siren on the way, Hanna Barakat releases a powerful new single, titled, "Leave Your Light On".


HANNA BARAKAT Starts a "Wildfire" with Her New JOHN MOYER-Produced, Arabic-Influenced Single [Song Premiere]

Christopher Gonda - Apr 18, 2019 at 05:00PM Today we are premiering "Wildfire," the scalding new single from Austin-based alternative artist, Hanna Barakat. The song comes ahead of the release of her new album, Siren, which is due out this summer.


Exclusive Premeire: HANNA BARAKAT - "Damage Done" [Track Stream]

Austin, Texas-based alternative rock artist Hanna Barakat premieres her newest single "Damage Done" off her upcoming album 'Siren' (scheduled to drop this summer). The album was produced by John Moyer (Disturbed), mixed by Martin Nessi (Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson), and mastered by St